4 August 2010

Task 3 – Pre Worlds Monte Cucco

'D'-rilled! This sums up pretty much what happened today! I got hammered coming back from 2nd turnpoint which was not fun.

91.2km task
5 turnpoints:
1 – Launch
2 – Pioraco
3 – Sigillo
4 – Fabriano
5 – East of Metalica
Goal at Esanatoglia

The 9am briefing was put back to 10am whilst discussions took place over where to go because they were expecting over development which as it turns out didn't happen. We went to the North launch on Monte Cucco.

If today was a free flying day I would have gone down and landed. I just didn't enjoy it from taking off and nearly getting turned into the hill in rough arse air, really weak climbs, strong breeze low down. Half way down the ridge the wind increased to 17mph which meant a very strong head wind to fly into and the tops of the thermals were sawn off, just a crap day really. I hear Mart got 11 down at coudbase all the way to the ground, he made the goal field but not the task same as others including Blay and Antoine.

I landed in a stubble field with 12 or so others and many more scattered around. It would have been a 'reasonable' walk out had the farmer not given Caroline permission to drive on.

Around 20 or so made goal including Carl, Shedsy & Julia – really good effort. Zac was first in goal on his WWT2C so he will be chuffed about that as team USA have been having bad luck so far this comp.

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Looby said...

Sounds like horrible conditions, that you made the best of. Safe flying tomorrow. Trust Doris to be able to charm the Italians. xxx