16 June 2011

Will I? Won't I? ....

...be going to The Worlds ?

So, where do I start? I really thought I would never make it to The Worlds this year – I missed out on one of the original five (scoring) places – there are just too many good Brits and was allocated as 3rd reserve. I thought “no way” will it happen so planned my year without including it in my plans and then …………… slowly 6th and 7th places were offered - I still thought "no way" .... but "yes way" the Brit’s get offered an 8th place and would I like it?

Originally and naively without really looking into the funding I thought there is no way I can a) get the time off and b) afford to go given the fact I’d spent quite a bit already/committed to stuff this year so far.

But after thinking about it and understanding the team funding situation I decided to get in touch with Pete, the Brit Team Manager and ask the question. Can I go?

So, the funding is now sorted – thanks to the Comps Panel & fellow team members for working that out for me. All that is needed now is for The Worlds organisers to say “YES” – apparently we will hear tomorrow night/Saturday morning.

There is lots of speculation out there who has/hasn’t been offered a place – as far as the Brits are concerned the place has been offered and accepted.

Keep everything crossed for me – it will be a pleasure to go back to Monte Cucco, I was there for the Pre-Worlds last year and loved it.

Aerotow to the sea anyone?

Had a great flight to the edge of the map last Saturday flying from aerotow at Caunton to Skegness on the East Coast.

As the emails came in on Friday night with a plan to fly from Caunton on the Saturday morning I thought it looked like a 'fly to Skeggy' kind of day and scribbled down a task for us to follow to make it more interesting (we kind of stuck to it).

We met early and were rigged and ready for the off around 12noon.

After my rubbish result at the BOS Round 2 where I was in fear of being demoted to the 'club class' I was ready for a bit of a morale booster and I got it. I had a great flight - rounded off by fish and chips in the car overlooking the sea. Great end to a perfect day.

Thanks Richard for a great tow up.

Mmmmm recognise the name and the hair is 'similar'?

Wayne Thompson

That will be me, then

Malcolm Brown

There is a possibility that us Brits have a thing going on with our car regs?

The Yorkshire Dales - British Open Series, Round 2

There was a LOT of coffee to be drunk over the five days

The weather for the second round in The Yorkshire Dales was [mostly] horrendous and yet again I spent a lot of time in the pub!

Although the weather was pretty windy and wet at times Pete, The Meet Director called three great tasks:

Task 1 - 79.2km
Task 2 - 65.2
Task 3 - 161 km

All three tasks were achievable and many congrats especially to those who made task 3 goal - I was sorry not to be there with you :-( but Doris was glad not to have the long drive :-)

Lorenzo & Claudia
Claudia took some great photos - you can see them HERE