18 September 2007

Wave everywhere

This is the sky over my home City of York today...........
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(taken with crappy camera phone)

17 September 2007

Oh I do like to be beside the seaside!

Oh, I do like to be beside the sea!
I do like to stroll along the prom, prom, prom,
While the brass band plays tiddleyompompom!

Amazing wave out to sea at Scarborough
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I spent parts of both days this weekend at the East Coast for different reasons.

Saturday I went aero towing at Caunton, Nr Newark with Malcolm Brown, Gary Wirdnam, Nick Pain and the ‘Scousers’ (Shedsy Shields, Carl Wallbank and Bob Little) also Tom and the airfield manager Andy Buchan. Bob Delahay was our tug pilot for the day - cheers Bob.

3 Combats and a Cheeta!
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I had an enjoyable flight to Skegness. Flying over the heart of the city of Lincoln looking down at the cathederal and ancient castle with its walls still intact. I wonder if anyone was looking up at us floating around in almost silence? The vis was so good it was just like flying in Google earth! I would have had some great photos but my camera was wedged in my harness pocket! Dho!!

We had weak 100fpm climbs to start and a base of 4000'asl and set a goal to Scarborough but as we got into the flight and headed north the sky went to complete overcast so cross wind to Skegness was called and we followed the sun – I landed in a strawberry field but unfortunately the season is over:-( Fish, chips and mushy peas swilled down with a couple of pints of bitter watching the very wild wildlife walk/waddle past. Perfect:-)) Skegness must be the caravan capital of the UK. All you can see along the coast for miles are little aluminium boxes all clustered together.

Thanks to Malcolm’s wife, Nicola I had a great retrieve back to the airfield – thank you Nicola - sorry about my camelbak leaking in your car boot - it was only water:(

The flight - you can see on the tracklog where we changed direction and where all the climbs were taking us down wind into the cack

Lincoln Cathedral
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A Cathedral garden shed!
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Sunday saw Caroline and I head off to Scarborough which during Victorian times was one of the resorts to go to with one, if not the biggest hotel in the world and a Spa to die for. There is only one thing you can eat when at the coast .... fish, chips, mushy peas, bread and butter for chip butties and a pot of tea to wash it all down.......and Ice Cream
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Tried to hitch a ride with Doctor Who
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Anyone for a Donkey ride
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The wave nearly caught us. Scarborough Castle with the sunset lighting it up looking from the Spa sipping a pint of real ale
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Rainbow's end
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A pic of the good old pleasure cruiser Coronia – built in 1935 and licensed to carry 200 passengers. With the outbreak of the second world war she changed her occupation, name and colour. As HM Tender WATCHFUL she becane the base ship for the fleet and was repainted in battleship grey – on 29 May 1940 she was called to help evacuate troops from Dunkirk. After a refit in Scotland in 1975, she eventually sailed for Gibraltar in 1985 and provided trips around the bay. At the end of 1991 she was ready to make the voyage back north to Scarborough from where she continues to make coastal cruises.
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The cliff top was home to the Holbeck Hall Hotel until it slipped into the sea in 1993.
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6 September 2007

The Green Room

Gary and I were invited to appear on the ITV regional news programme Calendar which went out at 6pm tonight to talk about the Team GB result in Texas – All good publicity for the sport!

You can watch the clip HERE (fast forward to 15:48 to find us).

Theme Song of the 2007 Worlds - CLICK

5 September 2007

more random pics from St Andre

All pictures have been made smaller to speed the upload process!

Justin & Judith
Ground Gaggle
Doris in the shade of my trusty ride
Dave and Jo - shame about the finger!
Gordon - landing at Thorame-Basse
Bruce and Dave
A generation gap or 2?
Our home in the South of France
Mr B
Steve G
Johnny & Will