6 January 2008

Happy 'Flu' Year

Happy New Year to all our friends and family.

Caroline and I spent the New Year with four of our friends (The Daley's & Stewie and Patti) in a lovely little cottage overlooking the sea in Whitby, North Yorkshire – not far from the 'famous' Fortune's Kipper shop! Waking up to the sound of the sea every morning was therapeutic.

As well as 'Kippers' Whitby is also famous for the 18th Century explorer and voyager Captain James Cook who sailed in the Bark Endeavour from Whitby. And let's not forget Dracula!!!!

Seems (nearly) everyone we know has suffered this Christmas/New Year with the flu bug that seems to be at epidemic heights. Caroline had it over Christmas and passed it on to me for New Year! This is only time I’ve been ill this year and needed to take sick leave from work which I’m pretty annoyed about. I was simply not well enough to travel home and so as Caroline had to be back at work she had to catch the bus home alone ~ and on her birthday!

Great start to the New Year!


Love Is?

Alaska 16990 miles in this direction

Little Ringed Plover (I think)

This little fella had its legs bound with fishing line so it had to hop everywhere - so cruel - fishing is a cruel and boring sport

The Kipper Shed

Actually there are no Kippers left in the North Sea these Kippers came from elsewhere (Norway, I think). Its only a matter of time before we rape the seas so much that they will become watery deserts with just the minimal of life

Walking up the 199 steps to St Mary’s Church and the ruins of St Hilda’s Abbey. The churchyard gave Bram Stoker the inspiration to write his world famous book – Dracula.

Dracula's children come out to play

We stayed in Nan's Cottage on Henrietta Street - fourth in from the left

Henrietta Street – a little further down from Nan’s Cottage

The fog horn - now silenced forever due to modern navigational aids

Old Glory the only working steam bus in the world - it runs on coal, water and a lot of love

Captain James Cook gets festive

The wind and the waves get up and the fishermen are stuck in the port

Wrapped up for winter – cold and alone