30 July 2007

The car is packed!

Bobbie is not happy that I'm leaving her. If she had five fingers I know which one would be up!

My girl is short packed and ready to be popped on the roof of my car at 0545 in the morning! I have to work the morning shift but will be leaving York heading for Texas just after lunchtime tomorrow – probably around 1pm.

Again I have a long journey ahead of me as I have a 5 hour drive to the South Coast where I catch the Euro Tunnel than a further long drive to Frankfurt Int to catch the plane – it would be so much easier if the UK carriers welcomed hang gliders, but that’s another story.

Travelling alone isn’t going to be much fun, especially when I’ve got all the kit to carry and no one to watch over it or help. Hopefully, the trolley that I’ve manufactured to carry all the kit from the car to the airport terminal will work out well. I’ve incorporated the glider-rider frame and used micro scooter wheels (a mod of a kayak trolley) – all lightweight so its shouldn’t bump the baggage allowance up (too much).

Looking forward to meeting up with Kiwi Jon at Dallas Fort Worth and we are heading off to Leakey together – should be fun, if the weather improves! I hear the UK is not the only country on ‘flood’ alert at the moment.

A view I shall be leaving behind me - The Scarborough Spa Express, passing my signal box. I'm missing a ride on the footplate whilst in Texas.

Is Butler too cool to care?

27 July 2007

Bad weather and a little flying

The weather at home has been awful - I've only managed a couple of flights since returning from Canada. One at my 'local' site Sutton Bank. The guy in the distance is Gary Wirdnam, fellow Worlds team member on a borrowed Oleg Racer as his new Combat is short packed ready to go to Texas.

I had an interesting drive to work the other day. This is the road to work which turned into a river!! We had to stop the trains running later on in the day due to flooding on the line. Sorry about the picture quality the picture was taken on my crappy crappy phone.......