18 March 2009

Cool video from Forbes 2009 by Bobby Bailey

An excellent video starring Jonny Durand Jnr and Bobby Bailey over Forbes this year. Makes you want to be there. One day!

Got out for a wee fly on Sunday

A few of us got together for a little aero towing on Sunday. First time out since September last year. Its been a long long winter.

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As you can see from the picture the day was not fantastic but it is only March in good old blighty. We did get 300fpm climbs with 8mph drift and a base of 3700' to start, then in total overcast 1 ups then zeros to the ground. Tony did about 10 miles, malc around 20, myself 46 miles and Andy back at the airfield test flying his new WW T2. A good day was had by all including our 2 tugies, Andy and Bob. Cheers guys. Oh, and Doris for the retrieve:-))

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A sad day today- Mr Pugggly has gone

Mr Puggley has left us today after nearly a quarter of a million of almost trouble free 50+ to the gallon miles. Its strange how you can become attached to things you shouldn't but we have been through a lot together. Even the seat is moulded to my shape! Still,part of its new job is driving to Malta as the new owners have a property there so long may he live!