27 September 2008

A Very English Day

A pleasant Sunday at the Model Ridge


The Model Ridge is a very pleasant Northerly site with mown grass on top and all landscaped by John Simpson who owns the land and cafe which is built into the side of the hill.

The cloudbase was only max 1900ft asl and take off is a 900ft asl so it was great fun in and out, between, over - but NOT through the clouds. I'm too much of a wimp for that - or is it sensible? I don't know? But I don't do cloud flying and I never have.

The lift was very weak 200ft a min max under some really, really big clouds. Probably due to all the moisture on the ground as it had rained more or less all the time for the past three weeks ... and some.


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One of the great things about flying at The Model Ridge is the cafe and tea room which John has built into the mooor - its a rare treat to be able to land and pop for a cup of tea and cake in between flights! The Lord Stones Cafe