10 October 2007


How I hate winter - no flying to look forward to for a good few months. Anyone who knows me well will know this is true.

The road bike came out of the garage at the weekend, first time in ages.

So what's my winter hobbie going to be? What will keep Caroline off suicide watch (as she calls the winter months)? Last year I had a go at kayaking but its not for me and the ‘boat’ currently has over 60 ‘watchers’ on ebay so I’m sure to get my money back (fingers crossed).

I’m hopefully going to get my kicks from Enduro riding. I bought a not so new KTM to do up at the weekend with the aim of competing with Trevor Birkbeck and Steve Mann (Trevor's bike is on order and Steve is on the lookout for a bargain). I've spent the last 3 days stripping it down and rebuilding it. I think it’s a good buy and is going to scare me but we will see!

I NEED a bigger garage.