26 December 2007

Boxing Day - Ride

Steve and I rode from near Ripon today heading towards Hawes - a similar route to last time. Great Day!

It's getting warm - 4degrees - we stop to take a layer or two off before we head up the very rocky pass at the otherside of the reservoir

Steve riding across the top of the reservoir

Steve cracks the bog and comes out victorious

Looking down on the fall side of the reservoir wall - amazing Victorian architecture

25 December 2007

Happy Christmas Everybody

Wishing all our friends and family a very Happy Christmas

May your celebrations be merry, your heart be light, your Christmas happy and your season bright.

Wishing you good friends, good times and good cheer, our warmest wishes throughout the new year.

20 December 2007


Doris and I were woken early this morning by a knock at the front door alerting us to the fact that there was a heard of cows in our front garden! (not good news as we have just finished ‘ground forcing’ it).

They had escaped from a field about ¼ of a mile away, walked down a main road and somehow nine of them ended up in our street.

Amongst them was a Bull – seems he’d brought his wives out to play!

These pictures show the cows outside our neighbours house – luckily there is a piece of land between our 2 houses which is ‘waste’ land and we managed to ‘hold’ them here until the farmer arrived.

9 December 2007

The 'first' boy's trip

Steve Mann, Trevor Birkbeck and I headed out on our first trip as a group. Setting off from Ripon going to Hawes in the Yorkshire Dales and back - via a little bit of tarmac and a lot of rocks, mud and water – taking in the beautiful sites of the Dales including old Roman Roads and Victorian architecture in shape of dams.

............ Trevor does not fall off his bike he just ejects himself at regular intervals! He doesn’t do bad for an OAP though. He’s 64 and hope I will be up for it at his age – I salute you Sir Bonkers.

Steve and Trevor - planning the route

The bikes at Spring Hall ready for the off

The 'bog' tries to eat Trevor once more

Stopped by Mandy the local plod on top of t'moor - are all the bikes legal?

The river tries to eat Trevor - egged on by Steve

- the river wins - it takes 3 of us to pull the bike out! My new boots are now full of water

We finally make Hawes and have Giant Yorkshire Puddings filled with sausages and onion gravy, washed down by 2 big pots of Yorkshire Tea - grand as owt!