27 May 2008

Getting Ready for the Euro's

The team clothing has arrived today for the European Championships and I’ve had a ‘catalogue modelling’ moment - what do you think?

We’ve used the same ‘lucky’ logo as last year in Texas.

15 May 2008

BOS - the Movie

Markus Kinch has made a cool 'movie' of the BOS - you can watch it here

BOS - the Results

Aeros Boys..........flying in formation!

The BOS was held over 5 days (2-6 May) in Mid Wales with only 2 tasks flown due to the lovely British weather :-) We had a total of 51 pilots and it was great to get my feet off the ground for the first time in six months!

The results:-

Task 1 – 50k elapsed time race to anywhere
1 – Carl Wallbank – Moyes RS
2 - Robin Rhodes – Moyes Litespeed
3 – Bruce Kavanagh – WWT2
4 – Tony Stephens – Aeros Combat
5 – Ben Hull-Bailey – Aeros Combat
6 – Norman Potts – Aeros Combat
7 – Graham Phipps – WWT2
8 – Markus Kinch – Moyes Litespeed S
9 – Wayne Thompson – Aeros Combat
10 – Gordon Rigg – Moyes Litespeed

Task 2 – 78k race to Lake Bala (slightly cross wind task)
1 – Richard Lovelace – Aeros Combat L
2 – Dave Matthews – MoyesLS
3 – Steve Green – Aeros Combat
4 – Bruce Kavanagh – WWT2
5 – Trevor Birkbeck – WWTalon
6 – Tony Stephens – Aeros Combat
7 – Johnny Carr - Airborne Climax
=8 – Graham Phipps – WWT2
=8 – Ben Hull-Bailey – Aeros Combat
10 – Jamie Hanlon – Moyes Litespeed

1 – Bruce Kavanagh – WWT2

2 – Tony Stephens – Aeros Combat
3 – Dave Matthews – Moyes Litespeed S
4 – Ben Hull-Bailey – Aeros Combat
5 – Steve Green – Aeros Combat
6 – Richard Lovelace – Aeros Combat L
7 – Graham Phipps – WWT2

8 – Trevor Birkbeck – WWTalon
9 – Gordon Rigg – Moyes Litespeed
10 – Johnny Carr – Airborne Climax

Total results – here

4 May 2008

Bishops Castle

We are staying in a 1 bed apartment in Bishops Castle which is a small village that is very artisan. It has 7 pubs and 2 breweries which is great for me as real ale is close to my heart. The house was built in the 1500's and is situated over the road from a live music pub.

We are staying in Clun apartment at The Porch House – built in the year Shakespeare was born!

The Boot Tree

On the way back from the task we came across this strange tree in the middle of nowhere.

Second day - 5 in goal / Rain on the Third Day

The second day saw 5 in goal which was a 50km race to anywhere. A few landed 5k short one of which was Gordon. It was the later guys that made it but all said if they were 20 mins later they would have had a cloud street to follow!

3rd day and we have thunder storms this morning and rain showers forecast all day so it is canned so it’s a sightseeing day. Doris and I went to Clun to the Green Man Festival ~ had a pint, a fresh pastie from the local butcher, a watch of 2 guys trying to kill each other with swords and a walk round the castle ruins.

3 May 2008

second day and we race 50k to any where ~ Well, some do

2-3hours of soaring then the sun tries to get out and I go with a 1-up and land 14.5k from takeoff. The task was a race to 50k. The others flew over my head 20mins later and then a street set up from the hill for a long way. Not flown for 6 months so it was good to be off the ground.

The task will be done, I’m sure! Rain forecast for tomorrow.

Doris has just arrived to collect me – my very efficient ‘driver’ along with the hellp of tom tom!

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1 May 2008

try again!

Union of south africa steaming into pickering station on the north yorkshire moors railway. Taken with n95 a few weeks ago on my bike ride through the moors national park and the stokesley tt which i will blog on later when i get my gps strapped on.

test from n95. Comp starts tomorrow

A quick test from my phone to see if all works well as i aint done it before. We have the first round of the british open comp tomorrow which is a 5day comp based near the long mynd and is cat 2 so maybe a few wr points for some. If we fly that is?