27 July 2009

2009 British National Champion

CONGRATULATIONS to Shedsy who is our new British National Champion and winner of the Alvin Russell Trophy 2nd -Bruce Kavanagh
3rd - Carl Wallbank

Ager Open
1st -Vladimir Leuskov
2nd - Dave Shields (aka Shedsy)
3rd -Bruce Kavanagh

The last day of the comp was Saturday and the task committee tried very hard to make the last day nail biting – with only a few points separating the leaders it could have all changed! A 99k task was set mainly keeping us in the Tremp valley but was stopped at 14:50.

It is unfortunate that we only had 2 taskable days – albeit very good tasks – the flying the week before in the Pre Euros had been great and I am pleased that I got to experience Ager at its (almost) best - as I’ve already said Ager is fast becoming one of my favourite sites.

Our new Nationals Meet Director Tim did a great job of leading the comp and at prizegiving added a very nice touch by asking all us Brits to stand to one side and thank all the foreign competitors for attending - with the relatively low turn out of Brits we needed the foreign pilots to make the 'competition'. I would like to thank Tim and the Comps Panel for a great organised comp. My thanks also go to super scorer Mark and of course local organiser Nicky Moss for all their help and support both leading up to the comp and during it. Thank you all.

Many of the foreign pilots commented that it was one of the best organised comps they have attended and hope to enter next year. This is the sort of word of mouth publicity that is crucial to the long term success of the Nationals. I hope more Brits make it out next year.

The overall Results are here

I am now heading over to Laragne, France for the Dutch Open - wifi access is better there so hope to be able to do a bit more blogging in the coming 2 weeks.

23 July 2009

Random Photos from Ager







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British Nationals - Ager, Spain 2009

Apologies for the lack of blogging – it seems to be more of an effort to do anything here, due to the heat, long days and also the fact that wifi is only available in the one place. No pictures either I am afraid it takes way too long to upload them that I gave up! (Will try a direct upload from picasa and see what happens).

The Nationals started on Sunday straight after the Pre-Euoros. We've only had 2 tasks so far due to the 'wind'! Today is another canned day with more of the same forecast for tomorrow.

Shedsy is currently winning the Nationals with Gordo in 5th place and itching for the weather to improve. Whilst I've had great flying I've been unlucky with the 2 tasks and unless a miracle happens will not be able to move up the rankings - hey ho.

Ager is an absolutely brilliant place - the flying, the drive up to take off, the rigging area, the take off, the camping - need I say more? Shame more Brits didn't decide to come (perhaps the memories of some who flew here 20 odd years ago put them off?). It is fast becoming my favourite site to fly.

Our new Nationals Meet Director, Tim Hudson along with the comps panel members here is/are doing a brilliant job. The morning briefings are filled with humour and also very useful and detailed information, we are using an SMS system to keep in touch not only for signing out but also for passing on other information and last night Tim organised a social and meal out at a local hotel which was attended by most of the pilots, their drivers and also families.

I guess the only downside to Ager is the Police – people have been fined for parking on the roadside to collect a pilot, for not having a red and white alert board and perhaps more seriously …... I was fined an amount which would buy a new carbon basebar for speeding ….... the Police man had a credit card machine in the back of his car and if I didn't pay there and then was going to immobilise the car and significantly increase the fine.

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13 July 2009

Pre Euros - Ager, Spain

The Pre-Euros started on Saturday and after fluffing the first short task, yesterday I had a good day. I flew my own flight which was very satisfying. The scenery is beautiful, the views are beautiful, the flying is great - what more can you ask for?

The task is cancelled today so catching up with a bit of sleep as there are many late nights in Spain and the wine is cheap ;-)

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3 July 2009

A new World Champion

Well done to Alessandro Ploner (ITA) - the new World Champion

2nd Jonny Durand AUS My God Jonny so close

3rd Thomas Weissenberger AUT

4th Zac Majors USA

5th Gordon Rigg GBR

Well done Gordy looking forward to the Whiskey you owe me in celebration – bring on the Nationals. See you in Ager.

1st - Italy
2nd - Austria
3rd - France
4th - Brazil
5th - Australia
6th - USA
7th - GBR

Individual GBR placings
5 - Gordon Rigg
15 - Carl Wallbank
26 - Bruce Kavanagh
32 - Grant Crossingham
67 - Gary Wirdnam
More News HERE
Results HERE