3 July 2009

A new World Champion

Well done to Alessandro Ploner (ITA) - the new World Champion

2nd Jonny Durand AUS My God Jonny so close

3rd Thomas Weissenberger AUT

4th Zac Majors USA

5th Gordon Rigg GBR

Well done Gordy looking forward to the Whiskey you owe me in celebration – bring on the Nationals. See you in Ager.

1st - Italy
2nd - Austria
3rd - France
4th - Brazil
5th - Australia
6th - USA
7th - GBR

Individual GBR placings
5 - Gordon Rigg
15 - Carl Wallbank
26 - Bruce Kavanagh
32 - Grant Crossingham
67 - Gary Wirdnam
More News HERE
Results HERE

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