3 August 2010

Pre-Worlds Monte Cucco, Italy

Where is Gerolf, our European Champion?

Today is Day 4 and so far we've had 2 tasks:

Day 1 was canned – we didn't even go up the hill!
Day 2 was a 103km task
Day 3 was a 101km task
Day 4 – today canned due to unstable conditions. We went up the hill but were told not to rigg.
Manfred is so far winning

There is an amazing amount of staff at this competition – helping out at registration, launch, car parking, briefing. All are very efficient and friendly. Registration was a very smooth process, moving from table to table to do different things: insurance, instruments, helmets, passports all checked – which has resulted in some of the guys having to swap their carbon egg shell helmets for ENN966 certified helmets!

Airspace – W.H.A.T! There is lots of it here. I've had my first warning – don't know how close I was. If I had known the comp was being run in such airspace it would have been nice (maybe we were told?). My 5030 is capable of airspace but the comp isn't able to download to the latest software & anyway it would be a pain to keep switching from screen to screen. Luckily I have an old Emap with me which I've now managed to get set up and will be able to see where airspace is rather than relying on distance from a waypoint. Some pilots have got zero scores for airspace infringements and I do believe there are protests in with reference to this. For next year turnpoints not in the airspace would be a good idea.

You see the restrictions on this map - all inside the Yellow line!

The 2 tasks we've had have been great fun, easy flying, very enjoyable. Although turnpoint 2 yesterday was a little bit iffy with climbs only up to 7,000ft crossing a big valley to a big mountain with the turnpoint on with no landings. Scary looking. I was looking down at people low thinking “oh dear, glad I'm not them”. The goal landing field is a bit dodgy at times – first task saw people piling in, including Manfred. I came in on task 1 and did a slippy slidey landing and now have my war wounds to show for it. The ambulance team were happy to practice on me and dressed it for me yesterday.

My war wound - perhaps too much information?

The campsite is lovely and clean with great facilities, secure and friendly. We are camped near the other Brits and the Irish team (no sign of the upright monument yet!). Only problem is when the weather is like today then we have too much shade.

Doing the tourist thing

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Anonymous said...

Gerolf didn't have much good to say about cucco, something abut boring tasks up and down the same ridge every day...