10 August 2010

Dutch Open - Monte Cucco

Because we only had four tasks in the Pre Worlds and not so spectacular flying I decided to say on and do the Dutch Open before heading on to Laragne for the Brit Nationals at the end of the month (22-28 August).

Registration on Sunday was heaving with around 80 pilots possibly thinking the same as me! I think this is the largest Dutch Open ever with pilots from 14 nations (so I’m told). It's like a ‘mini’ worlds.

Task 1 was 95km along the ridge (of course). It was pretty rough at times with good climbs. Task 2 was 120km and we are just waiting for the results – think AIR SPACE will be an issue for many today and I will not be surprised if I get a zero score. It was just difficult to get down!

There is an official site blogging the news and results and in English

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‘H’ (if you understand Dutch)

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Anonymous said...

So rich, day 2 and lots of talk about penalties and eveyone wondering what the official results might be, and still no official results...
A sectret competition in the airspace?