15 August 2010

On the road again

I travelled 1,300 miles by car and ferry to get to Sigillo in Italy for the Pre Worlds & Dutch Open and now the Dutch Open has ended I'm starting to make the drive slowly back towards home.

First stop off last night was Malpasso. Was glad to get away from the rain and wake up to sunshine!

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and today I'm heading towards Laragne where I shall stay until the end of August for the British Nationals

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The Dutch Open was a well run, fun and friendly comp. Thanks to the organisers and also the Babs, Tim and the girls for my lifts up the hill and retrieve.

I finished 13th on Friday the 13th! Congrats to all the winners:

1st Gerolf, the European Champion is on a roll
2nd Vladimir
3rd Jochen

1st Zenya
2nd Monique
3rd Christine

.......all photos pinched from Zenya - hope she doesn't mind.....:-)

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Evgeniya Laritskaya said...

You are welcome:) And congratulations with the 13th place:)))