12 August 2010

Monte Cucco random photos

Go Go Dancers at the Pre Worlds Party

Zac "Zippy" Majors
Campsite meal for one - it's a hard life

The Langer Report

Wanna see Jonny's Crack? I'm guessing most of you know that Jonny's glider was damaged on the last day - He managed to borrow another from the Spanish team and after a few tweaks flew it successfully around the course. Go Jonny!

Jochan - great bloke & Belgium Champ - the man to watch out for in the future

Ghosts at the Pre Worlds Party

Chilling at the beach

Cloudbase at Cucco

Horses on take-off

Lost! Where's the Lizard?
This morning - I could have got a picture but unfortunately Jochan grabbed the bag and it escaped - I found I had a ‘pet’ Lizard living in my washbag. There is a small hole near the hanger of the bag and it poked its head out whilst I was having a shower. I think I let out a small scream and was pinned against the wall of the shower before I realised what it was because I initially thought it was a snake! It just looked at me, looked around and then went back in its hole. On the way out of the washroom I said to Jochan “look what’s in my washbag” – he thought I said “hold my washbag” which he did (in the wrong place) and the very big Lizard jumped out. Hope he has found somewhere else safe to live.

I also have a Locust living on the camping fridge - wonder if he fancies a trip to France?

1 comment:

gordon said...

I have SPANISH lizard living in my car. Not sure if he's Eddie Lizard, or Buddy Gecko. Can't catch him, he's hiding somewhere hard to reach and is ignoring my trap full of grasshoppers. I'm taking him to France...
Will you bring your lizard too?