12 August 2010

Dutch Open Tasks 3 & 4 - Luck, I have none!

Ok, I know I've a bit of catching up to do - here goes:

Sometimes Hang Gliding is as much about luck as it is about skill – FACT. I had pretty poor luck in the Pre Worlds and again on Task 3 of this comp. Why does the sun come out just as I land? Thankfully Task 4 was better for me.

Monte Cucco has not been kind to me but its all great experience – I’m chilled out, enjoying my flying, pushing out and exploring – no pimping for me. I like to decide where I go and not be persuaded by what others are doing. It’s the only way to learn, for me anyway.

Will we have the Worlds here next year? If nothing can be done about the restrictions I think possibly not – 2 weeks of running up and down the same ridge would be very boring.

Plenty has been said and written about the airspace restrictions we have to fly within – they are an absolute pain in the neck! At the closing ceremony for the pre Worlds the ‘organisers’ said that they hope to overcome some of the problems that we had faced during the comp. I think they will maybe be able to do something about the internet connection problems (?), should definitely be able to improve communications but am not really sure they will be able to do much about the Perugia airspace restrictions. Interestingly Caroline flew home from this airport: only a total of 7 scheduled flights were due in/out that day! (Appreciate there is probably commercial/private activity too but Caroline didn't spot any during her morning spent there).

Task 2 - So you want to know what happened with airspace infringements on Task 2? Mmmmm a secret competition in Airspace you think? Mmmmm there were a few airspace infringements that day but nobody got a zero score, only warnings. Rumour has it that Franco who was the Pre Worlds Meet Director was one who got a warning?

Task 3 was a bugger of a task for me. It was 130km and difficult! I hear that I was not alone trying to find lift.

Task 4 (today) was a short 86km task from the South take off up and down the ridge for a change. Somebody called Gerolf (who is he?) won the day. It was quite fun, quick good climbs, choppy glides but I guess that’s Monte Cucco.

The accumulative results have now been published for the last 3 tasks

Weather is looking pretty bad for the next couple of days – It’s been a booming 35 for the past few days which has made a nice change after all the rain from last week. Looks like the bad weather is coming back to us.

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gordon said...

Since the airport the flying can only be up and down the ridge, but why not further south, to castellucio and back - you only have the little nasty bit to Monte Penino to cross...that was the first task I flew at cucco in 1990(nobody made it more than 20km back)...
The worlds will be there, its decided already. who will go though...? They blame the failure of their airspace clearance on the euros changing dates making them change too late. Thay managed it for the rigid/womens in 2008.
Why do they have controlled airspace that goes inside a mountain? Makes the CAA look sensible eh? did any of the planes make any holes in the mountain yet?