22 April 2010

Rob Kells Memorial – The Florida Ridge – Day 6

A quick update on today...........

Task 4
125km - 5 turnpoints back to The Ridge for Goal
Jonny first in

I had a lovely flight today all on my loansome apart from the last 15km and came in to land second (taking an earlier start to Jonny) I will maybe get 3rd on the day, we will see?

Jonny should be in the lead after today but the points are very tight at the top!

The glider is flying lovely and I'm here to have fun and enjoy my flying and that's what I am doing - let the big factory boys fight it out for the win I say.

There is talk that the Race & Rally might start a day early 'cos Saturday looks like a record breaking day according to Davis. Sunday looks stormy.

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