22 April 2010

Rob Kells Memorial – The Florida Ridge – Day 5

Task 3
84.9km - Winner Christopher Zimmerman

Had a good day even though the sky looked iffy. We did try and put the task back an hour but people were just too keen to get off the ground so we probably missed a right nice afternoon. Had a great start and took the second clock which was a glide at cloud base almost to the first turn point. I was flying with a Moyes that got towed to cloudbase, 1 min before the second clock on the edge of the circle;-) Nice work if you can get it.

I could see nothing but overcast on route so just tried to be patient and wait for the clouds to develop in the bit of blue. It was windy and crossed almost 90' which made life a little hard. Should have hung on another hour.

The glider is flying real nice and sweet - the carbon stinger will be the cherry on the cake.

Scores on-line HERE

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