22 April 2010

Rob Kells Memorial – The Florida Ridge – Day 6

Task 4 - 125kms double dogleg out and return

Looks like a nice day at The Ridge. Very hot this morning with mist and now blue sky. Having my first cup of tea in the U.S They don't have kettles over here! They stopped drinking tea during the revolution to piss the English off as it was taxed so highly hence all the coffee. Belinda told me that. I have probably got it wrong but its near;-)

Suffering from fire ants trying to eat me. My ankles are now bandaged and all the pussy lumps are popped and cleaned out with alcohol and bacterial cream. They were leaking and all the flies were having dinner on me! Thanks for the cream and medicine Dave, fellow Yorkshireman! And the kettle:-)

Scores on-line HERE

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