30 July 2008

Dutch Open - Day 5 - Task 5

Lots in goal today so a feel good task.

Task 5 - 103km

The beginning of the task was really hard with pilots going down and scratching on the ridge – when I eventually took off it was still very scratchy on the ridge and I lost half an hour on the start time as I could not get up!

We headed North to the ridge opposite Aspres then North East to Pic de Bur then south to Hongrie and into Goal at Laragne Camping.

The wind was from the South and at Pic de Bur cloudbase was just over 10,000ft with lovely cumulus and very clear through the inversion.

Our Meet Head

We are all really hoping for a rest day as we are shattered and in need of some R&R – talk is we might get a rest day on Friday as the weather is on the turn.

Captain Jenny is one of two women flying the comp

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