27 July 2008

Dutch Open - Day 2 - Task 2

Task 1 - 94km

Another good punt around the valley today which was great fun - There is a good contingent of Brits back here and its great to be flying with them all again.

The wind was very light on take off to start with and some went down. The lift started off very weak, we had good climbs with cloud base around 8,500ft asl and occasionally up to 10,000ft asl with anywhere from 400ft per min climbs to 1,200ft per min climbs in places.

Think the results will be close - I know Bruce did the task in just under 2hrs and I was just over!

Disaster in the camping kitchen : the camping fridge got wet in the thunderstorms and it appears was the reason for the whole campsite being without electricity (ooops & sorry). I left it to dry out and came back to find an ants nest had moved in! Then to top it all…….. I ran out of gas halfway through cooking my meal and dropped it all on the floor – deep joy.

We had purple rain tonight ........

.......and Line Dancing

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