2 July 2008

Day 7 - Task 6

Task 6 – 80.5km

TP1 – Savournon
TP2 – Antenne Due Roche
TP3 – Pic de Crigne
TP4 – Le Vireuil (north of Sisteron)
Goal Ribiers

Task Committee set an 80k task - there was a pause at take-off to maybe extend the task luckily they did not as it was very difficult to punch into wind. At 8,000ft it was 20mph. I had an excellent start but the first thermal after the start was total chaos with pilots turning left, right, left right and seemingly all the Laminars had a right turn even though 50 other pilots were turning left!!! A scary start to the task and amazingly nobody hit each other!! Lessons need to be learnt from this.

I had a good day overall - it was nice to get another task in - even though I landed short of goal and the last turnpoint. I remember been in the same valley doing the yo-yo bit during another comp a few years ago (probably a Brit one) and we all landed in the valley of death.

(I think?) Bruce, Dave and Carl in goal with the rest of the Brits spread out along the task.

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