6 August 2008

Brit Nationals - Day 4 - Task 3

Angels have wings...

Task 3 127km
Launch – Chabre South
TP1 – Eglise de View
TP2 – Col de Cabre
TP3 – Chateau de Montim
TP4 – Antenne due Roche
Goal – Laragne Camping

The task today was a race around 4 turn points the first of which was to the south on the Sisteron ridge then north to beyond Aspres then east to the village at the base of Pic de Burr then a long old slog south again to Hongrie and into goal at the camping.

The day started a little weak with high cloud shading the launch and making for an easterly wind so the task was delayed by a half hour to let the high stuff clear. The first launches were a bit scratchy and a few held back until things improved a little. The clouds built up lovely with a lot taking the first start and a few less taking the second. I had a fantastic second start and had overtaken a lot of the first start before getting to the second, that’s where it all went Pete Tong!! I was nearly on the deck at Aspres where the machete farmer lives but was able to scrabble up and then flick onto the Aspres ridge to get enough height to push into wind to go back across the valley to get the turn point. I had another good run at base (10,500) to the third then pants after with silly decisions that I can only put down to fatigue after flying for the last 3 weeks with almost every day a comp day. At least I got a week off flying as I went back to work for a week after the pre worlds but it did mean 3,000 miles of driving to get home and back!!

BTW - after all the mistakes I did eventually make it in:-)

Gordon wears the latest hill top fashion for 'some' 40 somethings...

Results – HERE

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Anonymous said...

Lovin' the blog and had to chuckle about the "machete farmer at Aspres", which undoubtedly harks back to my run in with him in 1995 (for which he received a suspended 2yr sentence, so I doubt he would have repeated his drunken foolishness) The machete in question was in fact a small Opinel, although I like the sound of machete much more :-)
Keep up the good work Team GB.
Fly safe.
Kev Grey