4 August 2008

Brit National - Day 1 - task 1

Launch Chabre
TP1 34 Bonnet Rouge
TP2 39 Malaup
TP3 35 La Gahce Oost
TP4 23 St Vincent De Jab
Goal Laragne Camping

Brit Nats – Day 1 – Task 1

Our helpers....

The wind again when we got off to launch was on the North side and we rigged on the South which would enable us to launch from both directions. A completely blue day so no thermal markers in the air so it meant flying the ridges as opposed to flying down the middle of the valleys where the clouds have been in the past. I set off on the second start gate and lead up until the 2nd turnpoint where I got stuck on 2 ridges where everybody caught me up and overtook. Still a very pleasant day, made goal.

Scores are not up yet. I think Gerolf was first in.

Ben H-B had a bit of mishap and had to throw his chute, came down in trees and his glider is a write off. He hit the keel and smashed that which in turn broke the cross tubes. The farmer eyewitness said he heard 3 bangs; one was Ben breaking the keel; one was the chute; one was the landing. Ben is fine, just very shaken with a few grazes on his neck where the chute bridal caught him. We don’t know the cause of the accident yet hopefully on a rest day we will try and piece things together.

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