28 June 2008

Day 3 - Task 2

Day 3 – Task 2

72.7 km

Launch Aspres sur Buech
TP1 – St Genis
TP2 – La Gache
TP3 – Tete de Boursi
Goal – Camping Laragne

First start gate at 16.45

We had a dilemma this morning over what hill we were going to due to the North wind a blowing! So we chose a South Westerly site due to the forecast of the wind going around to the West – which is kind of what it duly did. The back of the hill was North wind but the front of the hill was a West wind. We sat on the hill until first launch at 15.30.

The Aspres hill is a lovely hill with amazing wild flowers in unspoilt pastures and incredible variety of insects we even had a low fly past from Griffin Vultures.

Take off was good with very rough broken thermals low down and a trip across the valley nearly put me on the deck before the start but luck was on my side for the start and I climbed out minutes before the start outside the start circle and had to fly in and out against the oncoming traffic. So, I had a good start, good trash up to the first turnpoint, good trash up to the second turnpoint and from there on I must have been sightseeing. I got into goal to find that the task had been stopped and I was to be wound back 15 minutes due to a thunderstorm near Laragne with proper forked lightning right down t’ground.

I got my first verbal warning of any competition today for not moving my glider when the Marshall first asked me to (I won’t bore you with the reasons why I was where I was but I decided it would cause less disruption to pilots who were racing in to goal to stay where I was (I was not in their way) – Heather Mull gave me my warning and said if I got another one she would spank me.... come on baby!!!:-)





Team GB1 had Gary in goal early today and Team GBZ-buzz had Robin in early ie they were either first or second – we don’t know yet. All the brits apart from Malcolm were in goal but some were scored back to when the task was stopped.

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