27 June 2008

Day 2 - Cancelled

Windy or what?

Shedsy's new hat strap - will this trend catch on?

Day 2 – rebrief at 10am. Too windy to fly when we arrived on the North side of the Chabre with the wind blowing the barriers over and creating massive turbulence on the hill. They called the day and we opted to go to the gorge for the day swimming and laying about in the sun.

First time in my life I may have saved another…. Thinking I may end up in the same predicament as I pulled the young lad out of the swirling torrent which is called the ‘washing machine’ – most of the time all I could see was a pair of hands sticking out of the water. The young lad was suffering from shock and vomiting and was in a real state.

The washing machine

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