16 May 2011

SE Wales British Open Series – Round 1 May 2011

We arrived home from Italy, dropped off the tent and hooked up the Caravan (in the same day) and headed for another 5 hours in the car to SE Wales ………… we really should have stayed in Italy! The weather was pants for four out of the five comp days with a strong Easterly wind blowing. Four days of windy weather equated to four days of blurry, fuzzy, wallet draining, happy smiling beer consuming hypoxia!

Thankfully, in desperation on the last day those of us who hadn’t given in and gone home drove 1½ hrs to The Malverns hoping to commit aviation. It was the right decision and Meet Head, Pete set a cracking task: 84km task with 700fpm climbs (occasionally 800fpm).

Meet Head, Pete setting the task

The Malverns - those who went home early missed a great day

In the caravan wishing we were back in Italy

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