7 August 2009

Dutch Open - Day 6 - Task 4 Stopped


Aspre again today-

92km task to go south west then east then south then north into camping. There seemed to be a rush to get off as there was a potential cu nim above us :-O one near the first turn point and one toward Sisteron. Lots of lift I guess, so yea, lets av some?
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I hate cloud flying and I hate flying when there are big nasties around and today I was very uncomfortable. Strange how your instincts are telling you you shouldn't take off and when you have, your senses seem to be in overdrive and all you want to do is go land somewhere nice.

The task was stopped when the big black one over Laragne started leaking and then seemed to short out a few times with a bit of wind around the edges. It has been going now for maybe 3-4 hours and its wet!

Malcom Brown it seems has taken the lead with Koos in second. Well done Malc if we don't fly tomorrow (its not looking good) .... it'll be 2 years in a row, nice one:-)

Safe n Sound
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