2 August 2009

Dutch Open - Day 1 - Cancelled

There are over 40 of us here for the Dutch Open but the first day (today) was stormed out as we woke to rain and thunderstorms - some of the lightening was quite spectacular.
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In the afternoon the weather cleared up a little so I had a trip to the gorge and had a snooze listening to Little Boots.

A very pleasant afternoon indeed.

Twisted metal
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Reday for a fly?
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I haven't seen Markus Kinch and didn't know he was here but I am told that he had a bad landing yesterday and broke some ribs and banged his head? If you are reading this Markus - Get Well Soon.

I am still struggling from a back/shoulder injury I picked up in Ager and today had a deep massage from Jeff at the Windsock Caravan. Jeff is easy to find - he has a windsock which says 'Massage' and next door to Jeff is Phil who makes glider bags and he has a windsock which says 'Glider bags' brilliant!

I had a really nice flight yesterday with unbelievable visibility - again I flew with no camera - why do I keep doing this? The wind was a little strong WSW and I flew to Pic de burre in turbulent conditions but unfortunately I couldn't get back so THANK YOU Nicola for the retrieve especially on a French black traffic weekend - to avoid the traffic we had a scenic drive around the volcano which Nicola didn't mind at all!

Forecast is for possibly a good day tomorrow - fingers crossed.

Malcolm "I hate cats" Brown :-) - Very pretty camping cat
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