6 August 2009

Dutch Open - Day 5 - Task 3

118Km around 4 turnpoints with goal at the camping
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The task saw us go back to Aspre as the wind was west again and from what Jeff, the local 'masseuse' reported from the Chabre take off it was the right call.

Most it seems had a good start with climbs to 8500 feet at the start then a nice glide with only 1 climb to the Charbe t/o.

Then onto Col St Ange and a quick squirt over to Charbre t/o and along the ridge 5km then back to a little lump called the Pic de Burre. Then back south via a small village near Beaumont and in. Easy for some eh? Seems Mr Brown is on fire again this year. Some were getting climbs upto 12000feet! Not bad for an iffy day.

I had not 1 smooth glide all day. My arms were killing me.

Malc and Koos - the race is on


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