16 July 2011

The start .... Sprog checks and one for Doris;-)

Let the sprog measuring begin - pretty happy to report that my Lollipop was spot on. Sweeeeeet!

Laurent - what?

I have to thank Jamie for this photo - you checking me out Davide?

Jeff and Zippy - signing their lives away - soooo much paperwork to complete

The good news for Doris is that we will all be flying with a tracker - which means not only can she see what I'm up to but so can everyone else: lots of debate on this one

Pretty simple to use - lets see how accurate they are

Ah the team that make is all possible - thanks guys

Thanks to:
Jamie - I nicked some of your photos ;-)

My sponsors:

........and to Caroline (Doris) and John Drury :-)

Also thanks to the Team Sponsor: www.ciaruk.co.uk

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