3 June 2013

A quintessential English summer day in the bee garden

What a lovely day again! Summer has arrived with a grateful bang indeed and I for one shall not be complaining one iota :-)

LaLa the tiger girl was being cheeky whilst enjoying the radiant warmth of the day amongst the many wild flowers the meadow does offer even if they are a few weeks late to bloom.

Buttercup the very handsome boy stands on lookout for the dumb dogs that occasionally enter the grounds in search of who knows what!

The veg garden is starting to give up some goodies which is great for a fresh healthy dinner.  Mixed leaves, chives, corriander, spinach, beetroot & wild garlic leaves, hot spicy radish and spicy rocket my favorite:-) A couple of Brian from down the street chicken's eggs followed by a rhubarb (home grown) crumble by Caroline and that is one meal to beat :-)

Nothing added, just love, water, sun & horse crap:-)

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