1 April 2009

Anew girl in my life, or is it a bloke;-*

Found this in the garden this afternoon so as no one was about I quickly folded it up and will look after it for a while in my garage:¬) I wonder how different it will be compared to the Aeros's that I have been flying for 10+ years? Mmmmmmm.

Bassano next but the weather don't look too good at the moment. Will put the snowboard in just incase and Gordy will be putting a few models in. We should be setting off tommorrow on the overnight ferry to Rotterdam and then a days full drive to Italy. Oh joy.


Anonymous said...

The weateher forecast looks great...

Jochen said...

Ok, I've got it, I'll move to a place with a garden to improve my chances of finding a brand new Litespeed in front of my house ;-)

Good luck with the new bird!

Jamie Shelden said...

Duh! It's obviously a girl Richard. If it was a boy, it would like like mine with that stiff thingy sticking up on the top ;-)

Hope you're enjoying her!

Matjaz said...

:) Congrats on a new glider. The weather is looking good for Bassano, so see you there ! Have a safe trip.

Trev said...

Hey Rich
How's the weather out at Bassano, hope you're all having a great time out there, hope your new diver is going well.
Let me know how you're all getting on - PS I'm fairly envious.